Close to home or oceans away, these destinations offer countless opportunities for travelers to explore. Beaches, deserts, urban spots – let these beautiful locations inspire you and contact us to turn your travel dreams into real plans! The information here provided is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided inContinue reading

4 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent

With years of experience in organizing travel, our agents have become extremely savvy on finding the best deals for their clients. Amongst the upsides of how they can help you save money on your next trip, our agents also:• Bundle services together to create a tailored package, bringing down the overall cost of your trip.•Continue reading “4 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent”

The Beauty in our Backyard – Domestic Travel, Antebellum Edition

Since we’re all about domestic travel lately, we’ll discuss a few lesser known destinations around the country. Everybody knows of Times Square, or the Golden Gate bridge, or Disney World, but many don’t know about historical destinations such as St. Francisville and Baton Rouge, two Louisiana towns dripping in southern charm and enriched by allContinue reading “The Beauty in our Backyard – Domestic Travel, Antebellum Edition”

Domestic Travel during Covid-19

International travel is always a great adventure, but with the pandemic and all the risks and requirements that come with going to a new country, over 70% of Americans are choosing to enjoy domestic destinations this summer. The consequence of that is an immense surge of demand for rental cars, campers and RV’s, National ParkContinue reading “Domestic Travel during Covid-19”

What you should know about international travel in the era of Covid-19

The world is reopening! It’s so exciting to be able to fly again, explore new places, even get a stamp on the passport! Here are some useful things to keep in mind when considering international travel. According to the U.S. Department of State, it is now safe for U.S. Citizens and permanent residents to travelContinue reading “What you should know about international travel in the era of Covid-19”

The blog is back!

Hello, world! As multiple countries – cautiously – reopen for travel, so does our beloved blog!Expect great information, pictures and wanderlust-inducing posts on all things travel. With so many restrictions in place, it can be overwhelming trying to find the correct information on your destination of choice; look no further! In our comprehensive Covid-19 ResourcesContinue reading “The blog is back!”

Hike the Camino de Santiago with The Wayfarers

Always dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago but never had the time or resources? Not even sure where to begin to hike the world’s most famous pilgrimage route? Never fear! Introducing two departures – one in Spring, one in Fall 2020. Welcome to The Wayfarers The Wayfarers is an exceptional company for walking vacations.Continue reading “Hike the Camino de Santiago with The Wayfarers”

WIT Agent in Switzerland: Jungfraujoch & First Mountain

We return once more to Switzerland, where WIT Agent Lindsay is exploring the magical, snowy peaks of Jungfraujoch this week with Switzerland Tourism and Rail Europe. Jungfraujoch Jungfraujoch is a huge alpine saddle in the Bernese Alps that connect Jungfrau and Mönch mountains. It’s also the heart of the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage Site. DubbedContinue reading “WIT Agent in Switzerland: Jungfraujoch & First Mountain”

WIT Agent in Switzerland: St. Gallen – Appenzeller Cheese Dairy – Grindelwald

WIT Agent Lindsay has embarked on a FAM trip to Switzerland, to discover the world of skis and chalets! For 6 days, she’ll be journeying on 1st class trains on some of the finest train routes in all of Europe. Hosted by Swiss Tourism Board, Swiss Travel System and Rail Europe, the trip will takeContinue reading “WIT Agent in Switzerland: St. Gallen – Appenzeller Cheese Dairy – Grindelwald”

On the Ground Report: Flooding in Venice

By Wailana Kalama, WIT Correspondent Venice has been in the news all the last two weeks, and some of you may be wondering: What’s it like in Venice right now? I was just there last week and here to give my on-the-ground report! Every winter, Venice floods. All of Venice can handle 1 meter. From 1.10,Continue reading “On the Ground Report: Flooding in Venice”