Pam Davis

Photo: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand

Travel Consultant

I’ve been involved in travel in one way or another my entire life.

I inherited wanderlust from my father, which resulted in my earliest memories come from taking road trips across the country. By the time I was out of elementary school, I had visited 48 states and nearly every Canadian province! I’ve now had the opportunity to set foot on every continent but Antarctica. 

Researching and exploring new places is one of my favorite things. I have wonderful memories of just about every place I’ve been. However, the standouts are East Africa and India.

There’s still a lot on my bucket list – Patagonia, Easter Island, and Morocco are definitely places I’d like to visit. Along with some of the Eastern European countries I haven’t yet seen.

pam davis and a koala

When people ask me my favorite place, I generally say “the next one.”

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