Barb Baumer

Photo: Mexico City, Mexico

Travel Consultant

I lived in Boston, Mexico City, and Geneva, Switzerland all before high school.

While living in Switzerland I was lucky enough to travel throughout Europe on the  weekends. Taking in all the history, learning how to ski, and having the opportunity to travel to Egypt and  Lebanon.  

travel professional barb baumer

I have been traveling almost all my life; I believe it’s in my DNA!

(Photo: Barb and the Terracotta army. Shaanxi, China)

I’ve also spent a lot of time driving across the States.  After graduating from Willamette University in Salem, I started my career in travel. I began working for agencies in Berkeley and Palo Alto, California, before coming to Oregon. I have been working at Willamette International Travel since June of 1983.

It’s hard for me to choose my favorite place, although I am partial to Europe after spending so much time there while growing up.

Everywhere I go I enjoy seeing the people and cultures as well as history of the area.  When I travel I am always reminded how “young” the USA is in comparison to so many countries around the world.

  As my family reminds me, I have been to every continent except Antarctica, although there are still other places I’d love to visit.

medieval Neuschwanstein Castle ( Disney Castle) in Germany

Working in travel has allowed me to take the “trip of a lifetime” every year.

(Photo: Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany)

  • What is the first country you ever visited?  Canada, then Mexico
  • What’s your favorite destination?  Western Europe
  • What’s your essential carry-on item?  Sweater, warm socks and essential travel documents
  • What was your last trip before Covid?  Nova Scotia
  • Where do you want to go next?  Egypt, back to Europe, maybe Antarctica so I’ve touched ALL continents
  • What is your best travel tip?  Keep an open mind, don’t judge other countries by US standards.

If you would like Barb to be your travel consultant, don’t forget to request her on our Contact Page!


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