Our travel consultants are the life and blood of our agency. Beyond the sheer knowledge they’ve accumulated, each one of them is divine in their own right. Every one of them have unique talents, are hard working, and most importantly… they LOVE travel.

Whether it’s your first time working with us, or you’re an old friend, our travel consultants can help arrange your ideal experience from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, we’ve got your back.

*Please call in advance to schedule in-person meetings.

Becki Holt

Travel Consultant

Becki’s career in travel started when she went through flight attendant training – her passion for the field only deepened, and she started travel agent school soon after. Becki has been to 29 countries and her passion and experience show when helping clients see the world.

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Kathryn Stewart

Travel Consultant

My travel career started in 1997. I had many opportunities to travel internationally, and I learned so much from seeing and experiencing other cultures. My love for travel quickly developed into a deep passion.

I took a break from the Travel Industry for a few years, before joining the Willamette Team in May 2022. I was able to experience an Alaskan cruise in June 2022.  I am honored to help clients plan their dream vacations, and I take that responsibility very seriously.  I want my clients to experience the World on truly memorable vacations, and to gain deeper understanding of other cultures along the way!

After love of family and the cherishing of friends, what greater joy is there in life than travel?” – Kathryn S.

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Barb Baumer

Travel Consultant

Barb started in the travel industry in 1975 in Berkeley, CA. Growing up, she’s lived in Massachusetts, Mexico City, Geneva – her traveler soul blossomed during the many trips she took as a girl and, by now, Barb has been to countless destinations all over the world.

Being in the travel industry has allowed me to take a trip of a lifetime almost every year!” – Barb B.

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Pam Davis

Travel Consultant

Pam started traveling at a very young age, taking road trips with her family and exploring North America. By the time she was out of elementary school, Pam had visited 48 states and nearly every Canadian province. The love for travel followed her into adulthood, and she is now an exquisite travel agent, full of knowledge and experience.

Researching and exploring new places is one of my favorite things. I have wonderful memories of just about every place I’ve been.” – Pam D.

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Nancy Fowler

GM & Travel Consultant

Nancy started in the travel industry in 1978. She is a Master Cruise Counselor and enjoys matching her clients to their perfect ship and cruise experience. Nancy grew up in the Oregon coast and learned to drive on a tractor – now she has traveled via submarine, ships of all sizes, helicopters, float planes, aircrafts and the Concorde.

Curiosity drives me and traveling and being a travel agent feeds that. Every day I learn something new about the world and it’s people” – Nancy F.

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