Travel Experience: Iceland

Travel Experience: Iceland

Erik Gives Feedback About His Trip to Iceland

Erik opens up about specific points of his trip.
He includes tips, recommendations, and life lessons.

Iceland Tours did a great job.  No problems at all.  Everything went very smoothly despite my worries…lol. 

1. The Fosshotel Reykjavik does not have parking.  There is a pay parking lot that is very expensive or street parking.  There is an app for paying for the meters there which is super handy (It’s called Leggja — it is in English so easy to use).  It works like the app in Portland, Oregon.

2. Hotel Ranga in Iceland is amazing. We stayed there for the first time.  Beautiful hotel, great restaurant, nice location.  Would love to spend more time there in the future.  The Grimsbogir hotel, in southern Iceland, was also very nice.  It was probably the nicest room. They have separate buildings and you have to drive back to where the restaurant is. Very nice though.

Rick Steves Iceland book was very helpful.

4. Credit cards are accepted EVERYWHERE (even the bathrooms where you have to pay).  I got cash, but didn’t use any of it.  Be sure to tell folks to get a PIN for their credit cards.  Some of the gas pumps required a PIN.  I didn’t have one on my main credit card, but luckily I had one on my backup card.  The crazy thing is that I had this on my list of things to do for two years and never got to it.  I have PINs for all of my cards now…..ha!  Contactless cards are handy too.

5. Important to have a map. The GPS is helpful but doesn’t give you a good overview. It isn’t helpful it you want to deviate from where the GPS wants to take you.

6. The internet hotspot was very handy.  It’s a little thing about the size of a deck of cards.  You turn it on and have instant internet.  We used it in the car a lot.  There was cell service almost everywhere so folks could use their data plan and roam, but the advantage of this thing is that multiple people could connect.  Would be a better deal if several folks traveling together.

7. Overall it was a great trip.  The amount of tourists was surprising, there were tour buses everywhere. Even in the North, which is not as popular. 

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