Travel Experience: Egypt, Africa

Viking Tour Down the Nile and to Cairo

Mary and her travel partner embarked on a memorable Viking Tour to Cairo, Egypt. Have you considered Egypt?

I have been meaning tell you how much we enjoyed the trip to Cairo and down the Nile. I would say it will always be one of the trips that will hold the most memories.  It was beautiful and magical, and I am ever grateful for your assistance in making it possible. 

Your recommendations were spot on regarding what to do, and what not to do. There was so much to take in that I could go back and do the whole trip over again. Given how much one can retain at any given time. Our guides were outstanding, knowledgeable, and engaging. Most of all, they were so real and authentic. They genuinely wanted us to appreciate their country, true ambassadors in their own right.

For what it is worth to others, we found the pacing for this Viking tour, very busy but also well balanced. Both the days in Cairo, as well as the time on the river.

I would say that my favorite of all was Abu Simbel, and I am so, so glad that you encouraged us to see this. If ever a place brought the concepts of permanence and impermanence together this was it. My sense of time is changed forever.

(Photo: Abu Simbel, Egypt)

Perhaps it’s the luck of the draw, but our guides, the other travelers, the weather, it was just incredible. It speaks volumes that both of us were ill by the time we arrived home (as was most everyone else on the boat). I am still recovering, but I would do it again in a heartbeat

Thank you so so much for your patience and for all of your help.

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