What You Should Know Before Traveling

It’s always a good idea to double and triple check everything before you travel.

By preparing and thinking ahead before you leave will help ensure you have a carefree trip. We’ve put together a list of the most important tasks to do while preparing to leave your vacation.

6 Tips Before Leaving Home

1. Make your home look lived in. Adjust your blinds to make your house appear occupied. Have your lawn cut if you’re going on a trip longer than a week or two.

Arrange to have your mail held at the Post Office and cancel all deliveries.

3. include a copy of your itinerary inside your luggage. email a copy of your itinerary to yourself

4. Put identification both inside and outside all luggage. The name on your luggage should match the name on your airline ticket.

5. Pack charging equipment for your technology in your carry on, including a battery pack. multi-outlet power strips are helpful when needing to recharge an item while in an airport.

Reconfirm your flights 72-hours prior to departure and check in online within 24 hours of flight departure.

packing for a trip

How to Pack

  • Research the weather forecast for your destinations so you can pack appropriately.
  • Share luggage space with your travel partner to cut down on checked bags.
  • How often will you be navigating airports, rail stations, and hotels? Maybe splitting your one large suitcase into two smaller ones will work better. Look at your itinerary and decide what will work best for you.
  • Prescription medication should always be in its original container with the prescription attached. If you don’t have the original bottles then, at the bare minimum, bring your prescription with you.
  • Include any activities you’ll want for your flight in your carry on. We also suggest packing a change of clothes (including underwear), your medication, and any chargers for your electronics. Maybe pack your swimsuit if you’re going somewhere warm and want to get in the water asap!

5 Tips While Traveling

Keep your wallet with you at all times and avoid carrying large quantities of cash.

Lock valuables either in your room’s safe or the hotel’s safety deposit boxes.

Refrain from making any jokes about security issues. Remarks about bombs or violent action will be taken seriously. And in certain cases could lead to an arrest.

Only use recognized ground transportation services. Be wary of solicitors offering “low-cost service”. It may turn out to be unreliable, expensive, and uninsured.

Always carry cash, medicine, and valuables on the plane with you; don’t place in checked luggage. Best practice? Don’t take anything with you that you would be sad to lose.

Head over to our Destinations Page to choose where to pack for!

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