Why NOW is the Time to go to Myanmar

WIT Agent Pam Davis recently had the opportunity to with V’Explore to Myanmar. She discovered that there has never been a better time to explore the fascinating nation of Myanmar. Read on to find all about this still-enigmatic country.  

Writes Pam:

“NOW is the time to go.  Tourism is now on the rise a bit. There are now direct flights from China into both Yangon and Mandalay.

The Biggest City, Yangon

“Starting the trip in Yangon, we spent the night on arrival at the  Suli Shangri La Hotel.  The Yangon airport is not too far from the city center, but the trip takes about an hour because the traffic is incredible.  The hotel is lovely – my room overlooked one of the major temples of Yangon.

Buddhism in Myanmar Means Temples

“Buddhism is everywhere in Myanmar – it is more a part of everyday life for the people than anywhere else I’ve been.  Even in the streets of Yangon you see monks with bowls collecting food offerings.  People cook breakfast with a little extra, then go to the streets and give it to the passing monks.  This happens throughout the country.  People also go daily to pray in the various temples and shrines.

Visited Shweadgon Temple which is the major one in Myanmar, took a quick walk through the downtown area to see the old British colonial buildings, and ended at Scott’s Market, a covered market in the center of the city.  Stayed at the Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon.”

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