The blog is back!

Hello, world!

As multiple countries – cautiously – reopen for travel, so does our beloved blog!
Expect great information, pictures and wanderlust-inducing posts on all things travel.

With so many restrictions in place, it can be overwhelming trying to find the correct information on your destination of choice; look no further! In our comprehensive Covid-19 Resources page, we have official links to informational websites on a wide array of countries. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, contact us here, or on the green messaging button at the bottom right side of this screen, or reach out on social media and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

This past year, our agents have been helping those that were in international waters get home safely, rebooking multiple travel itineraries for a pandemic-less future and advocating for our clients in the jungle of policy changes brought on by Covid-19 to the multiple businesses in the hospitality industry.

We are booking amazing trips again and so excited to do so. As conditions are lifted on each country, we are paying close attention to local policies and sending well-informed clients safely on their new adventures.

The world looks different after the pandemic. Vaccination cards, visas, quarantines and tougher entry requirements are all a part of the travel biosphere now. Here at Willamette International Travel we are keeping up to date with the latest news; our well-connected crew is constantly hearing from partners overseas and learning how things are really working on other parts of the world so we can better advise our clients.

Whether you have current travel plans or are just curious about your options, get in touch with us and one of our seasoned agents will be happy to assist in booking your next adventure!

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