Travel News: How to Deal with Thanksgiving Traffic

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How To –

The week before Thanksgiving, as tradition dictates, is full of travel tips and survival How-tos. Good thinking, as it will be reportedly the busiest Thanksgiving season on record! This time we have a guide on how to deal with record Thanksgiving Traffic + Places in the US where stormy weather could disrupt your holiday travel. 

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From Huffpost, find out some tricks on how to travel with friends on different budgets–because we’ve all been there.

Did you know that Southwest has a generous policy offering an available second seat to passengers too large to sit comfortably in one?

Wondering why you’re always sick once home from a trip? Forbes says it might be take some better wellness habits.

A new app Timeshifter claims to help you to survive jet lag using NASA-backed science. Targeted at people flying across three or more-time ones, it gives recommendations on how to moderate your light, sleep, and caffeine to adjust quickly to your new time zone. It even calculates your melatonin intake, should you opt for it.

Whet Your Appetite in France

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We have a couple of cool culinary stories from France. First off, Lyon’s new gastronomy centre puts the world on a plate — then we turn to the small town of Valence where 3-time Michelin star chef Anne-Sophie Picrules the culinary scene.

Solo Travel on the Rise

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For solo adventurers, travel is an open book. From the Tokyo bar for solo drinkers only to Solo cruising in Antarctica–learn why solo travel opens the world up in unexpected ways. Groups and cruises discounted and designed especially for solo adventurers is something we as travel agents are seeing more and more.

Bite-Sized Travel Inspiration for Thanksgiving

We predicted it–with Lonely Planet releasing their best of 2020 list, other leading travel pubs would follow. Here are NatGeo’s 25 travel destinations you need to visit in 2020 and Insider’s 15 of the most underrated travel destinations of the year so far.

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Next week there won’t be a travel news, as it’s Thanksgiving and we’ll all be recovering from turkey! To tide you over, here are some of our favorite stories for some juicy travel inspiration.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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