Elephant Updates! New Baby Calf Arrives

Now it’s Time for Elephant Updates!

Elephant arrives at Ithumba, Kenya with her new calf.

We recently heard from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where they welcomed two adorable elephants! Wild-living orphan Loijuk arrived with her new calf, Lili, in tow. 

As reported by the team at Sheldrick:

She was bursting with pride and very eager to introduce her to everyone (particularly Head Keeper Benjamin). Lili is the 31st known wild-born baby — and a testament to the Trust’s success in its 40+ years of rescuing, raising, and reintegrating orphaned elephants.

Things have really come full circle for Loijuk, who was orphaned 13 years ago. The Trust raised her, and she eventually transitioned to the wild, where she is now starting her own family. Loijuk was named after a dam near where she was rescued during a severe drought.

With plentiful rains, however, the dam becomes abloom with water lilies. For that reason, Lili feels like a very fitting name for her daughter. Moments like these showcase the multi-generational impact of the Orphans’ Project — and we’re so excited to watch this little family continue to blossom.

More Elephant Pictures from Christina & John’s Kenya Safari

Christina and John recently traveled to Kenya with a small group, as they do 1-2 times a year. They stayed at the Ithumba Hills Elephant Camp.

At the main watering hole at the Stockade this morning there was a herd of wild elephants mostly bulls. However, this little 3 month old [below] with them, tried to nurse from two of the females (neither the mother because they had clearly not given birth) and the bulls. Our guide Benjamin called Kenyan wildlife with information and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi made the decision made to separate the infant and bring it into a pen.

They skillfully did this. It was mad and very hungry but at Ithumba [Camp Tsavo, an Eco-Lodge Safari at Sheldrick], they do not have the formula for infants. No one had any idea of the fate of the mother but she was certainly not around. The helicopter was still on the ground after yesterday’s emergency so we understand that the infant was tranquilized and flown to Voi, a camp about 70km away where the right formula was available.

Our charter flight to NBO was at 10am so we will have to watch Sheldrick’s website to see how this all turns out. We all want to adopt this little survivor!

Two amazing incidents we are lucky  and privileged to have witnessed

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