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4 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent

With years of experience in organizing travel, our agents have become extremely savvy on finding the best deals for their clients. Amongst the upsides of how they can help you save money on your next trip, our agents also:

• Bundle services together to create a tailored package, bringing down the overall cost of your trip.
• Make sure you’re not over-paying thanks to extensive knowledge of peak and non-peak periods.
• Negotiate with suppliers and other travel businesses on your behalf.
• Help you secure upgrades, added value perks and extras, when possible.

Navigating all the choices that appear online during a simple destination search can be quite overwhelming. Our travel agents use their knowledge and established relationships with travel providers to select and deliver the best recommendations based on what you’re looking for. Besides, they can be your one point-of-contact, handling all the moving pieces on your trip.

Having booked and been on countless trips themselves, our agents have experienced many of the challenges that can undermine travel plans (or they had to solve clients’ challenges), awarding them the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. This means they can give you advice and recommendations based on personal experience, along with game-changing insider knowledge and industry connections around the world.

As prepared as one may be, unexpected things happen. With the support of a travel agent, you have help before, during and after your trip. Our travel experts try to anticipate and alleviate potential problems before your trip begins, saving you time and frustration. They are your advocates throughout your entire travel experience. Our travel agents can:

• Spot problems before they arise, using market knowledge to predict and avoid problematic portions the booking.
• Take advantage of our longstanding relationships with suppliers to work on your travel problems .
• Handle unexpected issues both during and after your trip.

In a world of chatbots and algorithms, our agents are real people who love travel. That level of human understanding can make a huge difference when booking a trip. Not only do our agents give you expertise and peace of mind, they also save you time, money and hassle.

Most travelers affirm that using a travel agent makes their overall experience better, smoother and less stressful. Being able to count on a real person who knows you and what you’re looking for can make a tremendous difference in your travel experience.

Do you need help making your travel plans a reality? Contact us here or call 503-224-0180 to make it happen!


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